What are the Conditions?

Conditions of Life is a blog. That is to say it covers a highly nebulous range of content (issues, usually political or religious, that I am interested enough by to write about) and features everything from short philosophical musings to academic essays to parables about marriage equality.

There's little in the way of coherency, stylistic integrity, or even a particular target audience. If you want those, I would point you towards my book, but I haven't written it yet.

Conditions of Life is best thought of as all the fine print that gets hastily stuck onto the bottom of a poorly thought-out contract. Most people don't bother to read it and they usually get by just fine, though their lawyers would scream at them about the potential consequences. If you do read it, it's not always particularly comprehensible, enjoyable, or even apparently beneficial, but hopefully they're interesting enough that you do read on. After all, I'm trying to write about the conditions we all live in.

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