Friday, 16 November 2012

Goodbye for now

I'm off to China for a month, on a field trip with my university. Unfortunately, blogspot is blocked by China's policy of internet censorship, so I will not be blogging while overseas. In the meantime, I thought I would post a quick summary of my thoughts following the recent CCP congress held this month.

Most interesting to me was outgoing president Hu Jintao's rather softtoe approach to Taiwan. While never going so far to acknowledge its autonomy, he certainly didn't follow the old line of a dissident child. He suggested a joint military security partnership in the near future, one which obviously was meant to be mainland-dominant but still a relatively novel development.

He also re-affirmed the current Party line of "Socialism with Chinese characteristics," and promised a doubling of income in both rural and urban areas by 2020. Hopefully this is more than just empty words, but similar promises have been made by the CCP before.

Finally of course, there is the appointment of Xi Jinping to the positions of General Secretary of the CCP and Chairman of the Military Commission, confirming him as paramount leader of the PRC. He did stints of manual labour under Mao and is relatively pro-reform when it comes to the market and internal party corruption, though little drastic change should be expected.

Right-o. It's been fun lovelies. See you in a month.

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